Ship Sale & Purchase

AMORBULK Sale & Purchase Team assists exclusive shipowners when buying or selling ships in the secondhand markets, or contracting of newbuildings.

AMORBULK Sale & Purchase Team has a dedicated group of experienced shipbrokers to focus on each ship class individually. This means an enhanced ability to service clients in every segment.

AMORBULK Sale & Purchase Team bolsters great know-how when it comes to comprehending the shipping markets’ fluctuations. This is a key step in making well-informed decisions.  

AMORBULK Sale & Purchase Team communicates with an extensive network of shipbrokers, offers the Sale & Purchase Market awareness needed, and delivers the desired result for each client.

AMORBULK Sale & Purchase Team has the best potential ship buyer candidates or potential ship seller candidates in the vast database.

AMORBULK Sale & Purchase Team seals the deal for all parties involved, in the most efficient manner possible.

For any further information regarding Handy, Supramax, Ultramax, Panamax Bulk Ships please contact us.