Chartering Dry Bulk Ships

AMORBULK Chartering Team consists of well-educated and experienced professionals. 

AMORBULK Chartering Team’s every associate is a Member of ICS (Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers).

AMORBULK Chartering Team has developed an outstanding direct relationship with major coal, iron ore, clinker, fertilizer, steel, log, grain, and mineral traders, charterers, and reputable operators.

AMORBULK Chartering Team is engaged in the in-depth assessment of the dry bulk ships’ employment opportunities.

AMORBULK Chartering Team executes chartering agreements of dry bulk ships on an exclusive and competitive basis.

AMORBULK Chartering Team primarily fixes dry bulk ships on the spot market, identifies employment opportunities, and performs negotiated fixtures. 

AMORBULK Chartering Team selects and evaluates chartering brokers and cargo orders, evaluates charterers, negotiates terms with charterers, and signs the charter party in close cooperation with exclusive principals. 

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